Annual Flowers

From Angelonia and Celosia to Million Bells and Zinnias, the flowers (and color choices) are endless! Whether you’re designing a container garden or creating a flower bed, our wide selection of quality plants - in flats and individual pots - will delight every gardener. Our full line of annuals, including Proven Winners, will bloom spring and summer, making annuals the perfect choice for a pop of color.


Hanging Baskets

The beauty of a hanging basket is undeniable. Their pendulous flowers create a lovely display hanging from your porch or deck. Many of your favorite flowers benefit from a lofty perch. Some flowers even attract butterflies or hummingbirds, giving you an up-close look at these beautiful creatures.


Combination Planters

Make a statement that is you! Our gorgeously planted container gardens will give you instant color, all while reflecting your style. Make your guests feel welcome with containers at your front door, add a tropical flair to your patio, or add a pop of color to a shady garden. We have something for everyone, no matter your style.



There’s nothing more beautiful than blooming tropicals on your patio during the spring and summer. From the gorgeous blooms on hibiscus and climbing mandevilla to the sweet smell of jasmine and gardenias, our selection of tropicals will instantly transform your space into a bright paradise. Wow your family and friends with these high-impact plants!



Their popularity is growing, and for good reason! Not only do houseplants look great indoors and improve your mood, they are healthy to have around, too. Enjoy these amazing plants indoors all year round, or bring them outside during the summer.